Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yipee yai yai yipi yipi yay! I watched The Treasure Hunter with Gong today (:

It's sorta comedy, romance loving kind and action movie. overall it's nice but not the best. Wanted to watch Alvin & the Chipmunk 2 but we dont have much time.
A lil notice, my new collection from Melacca Jonker Walk.

Tuesday, 22 12 o9
Went SP with Gong, trying to catch some movies but who knows it's all after 3pm 4pm, -.- so we went for brunch, steamboat Shabu then search for my new shoe. thank goodness i've almost walk the whole building and finally get to find a pair of shoe which is 80% of what i want so i bought it, i can say it's 98% same as my current one and only rm5 cheaper. The old one rm49.90 and new one rm44.90 .
p/s: you can get rm10 for exactly the same @ somehere pasar pagi. -_____- IDC .
A picture of my & Gong in the lift mirror. LOLS.
Wednesday 23 12 o9,
Helped my aunt wrapping free gift pack for L'Oreal. ofcourse, i manage to get some XD my fav shampoo & conditional. L'Oreal hair care is really rock my world! i love L'Oreal so much, i uses their cosmestic too. Or i should say imma fans of L'Oreal. Their hair care (shampoo, conditional, treatment .. etc) is seriously brighten my day all the time! they shine my hair =D but currently using Sunsilk, cos my L'Oreal Habis and already ordered. (:
Thursday 24 12 o9,
Went to watch Treasure Hunter, my Jay Chou's movie =D
Had Bar-B-Q plaze for brunch, and my favourite ice-cream from Shojikiya, Peach Flavor. Lurvey!!
Then Damansara Village for dinner, seriously we both bloated like hell. Although i love steamboat & Bar-B-Q but today's meal seriously crazy. and the dinner cost us a bomb, it's a seafood restaurant so what do you expect. =/ rm180 dinner. -.-
Nah, our cannot-finish-lah . whole plate of fish. omg! i know we are really waste, but we've got no choice.
And yea, the crazy gong is now 2nd round steamboat with jacky. -___- crazy nyer. !
Look! my new wallpaper. =D Don't feel satisfy with the picture. Gonna try out more. Not satisfy with the gradient, the top looks darker than the bottom one, =/ (gradient which is the pink "frame") Love doing the gradient =D
Tweetdeck is nice if your a regular user or fb, twitter .. (: Im using it and it can change the color, so what do you think of mine? XD p/s: recommended by raymond. thanks =D

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