The Moment we have .

Friday, December 04, 2009

Went to fetch counsins@ LCCT around 12smth then reach ack damansara house around 2smth, o.0!

so, they pack everything and give out prezzies and chit chats and and .. i don't rmb.

so we slept around 4smth, LOLs, and just woke up an hour ago. =X

besides that, my bunch of drinkees , i mean my collmates XD all went to drink ytd night and im curious who got wasted and highing there .. hahah .. im sure they all had fun there .. and vomiting .. LOLs. *shhhh*

alright, currently at damansara hse, morning class tmr, yum cha session haven comfirm , pc fair on sunday ( i think im bringing my cousin along as he wants too ) .. hmm that's all for my weekends gua, sounds kinda boring right? =D

well, this post i kinda boring. just bare with it , =X i've got nth much to do. so what can you expect lah? =X

alright, jieyipinkabell signing off.

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