Wednesday, December 09, 2009

today's presentation was okay and somehow had some fun (: the audi is tooooooooo cold till i freeze like im nervous. =X

watched "the ugly truth" and "cloudy with a chance of the meatball" . (: and few more movies in my lappy. gonna watch them this weekend or see first. (:

"Gong sam gai" finally finished ytd night, superb nice. a movie that u can nvr miss. (:

well, gong i playing rydahms under my maple name, which is playing for me, reborn for 40+ times. it's a private server, as we always do =D

suppose a briefing today and working for exhibition on sunday for my coll, but who knows they cancelled and only use their own stuff instead of new students. =/ i did not receive the cancellation msg, so ... don ask me about this. i've pist my dad off. im sorry..

somehow facing financial prob. sigh. it wasnt suppose to be but it just getting bad by helping the others and pull myself into the problem. sigh. i seriously gotto get my october salary next week in library, else i can really die for it. tsk!

another presentation with the same thing tmr, my cit class.. today was pt's.

it's almost 11, i shall off to bed now. (:

JieyiPinkabell signing off.

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