Sunday, December 13, 2009

just a short post to summarise my day (:

ytd went sunway for a walk and bought 3 new nail colour.

was my bad day ytd, if you read my ytd post.

went to PWTC education fair to work for my coll.

I dont consider is a good day for me but i do had fun there (:

having 3rd day period and on heels for 4hrs + then i started to feel headache and both legs like jelly. im always over weak esp period. So time for break, i changed to my slipper and feel bit better. but after everything ended and i got into car, i feel much worst. badly headache and wanna vomit. tsk.

the fun part was , i enjoy working with everyone there, while cleaning and clearing up stuff at 6pm we had magic show and named University Magician or APIIT Magician college or smth, i dont rmb. hahah ..

tmr have only two classes and as usual i got 6 hrs break so will help out at D'artZ club for X'mas deco. and see if Student service need help.

that's all for the day. online awhile and sleep (:

JieyiPinkabell signing off.

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