So what's new?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Let me see ..

nothing new, nothing special for today.

the only thing, i forgot to collect my salary again! so stupid right? it's 3months salary. ish!

i must go collect tmr, it's pc fair this sunday. i have only 100buck, so rmb !!

Girl, last call. you coming with me ? ( if you pass by here. )

I rmb somthing !!

Christmas Bearbrick 2009 is SOLD OUT !! OMGGGGG !!

Matt Black Bearbrick is COMING SOON !! =D it's damn cool, the design.

aaaa, but im just dreaming, impossible i can get it. ):

*im dreammiiingg*

just another day (: i can see `em !

went for a lunch+tea time with him (: How sweet was it. thanks G !

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