Christmas Event Decoration

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ok Ok, im looking so chan for the whole day. Lack of sleep & rest, full of pimples on the forehead, pair of tired leg, pair of hurted feet and foot. ):

was wearing spec today, look like a mad chan girl . LOL.

Help out at D'ArtZ booth for decorating for Christmas Event on this coming Wed & Thurs.

Im sure you will feel frustrated if you have 6 hours break time in college rightt? Yes, every monday i will have this stupid fat mou break time. Ish! but luckily i have things to full fill it. (: ( should i say im active in coll to join everything? hahaa )

o.0 cant wait for the trip this coming weekend with families. (:

im now seriously desperate for CASH ! no joke ): im all spent on food ever since i've got my first salary. =X ofcos some on shopping (: but i've cutted down dammm alot spending on shopping edi, though i always go shopping but is only window shopping my favourite =D I dont buy stuff blindly, cos my mind is good enough to think before i buy (:

Ok, going off now to finish up my slides for presentation den online or mayb paint my nails , although they are still short ):

p/s: Ms Wannabe, seriously. Stop joking that you'r changing and trying to prove to me, it's all bullshit. i dont see a shity thing. ( why the hell i still care about you? Sake. )

JieyiPinkabell signing off.

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