Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is a thursday, an ordinary thursday as usual.

classes was okay, i realise that im somehow inlove with formal. was wearing formal quite often (:

today's weather is seriously burning me to death. myGod. how can ppl survive with such weather la, Sake.

credit to Kel.K for all the movies & dramas. (: i don have to worry if im boring, i can watch movie anywhere anytime =D

phew, suddenly thought that already 2 yrs i did not straighten or do anything to my hair. yet i love my hair so much with the natural straight, not 100% but 90% (: somehow my hair is toooooooooo much and kinda thick ): planned to go for treatment @ WahD's salon but since facing some financial prob, i gotto cancel it. sighs.

it's a public holiday but stil ucti having classes, but i dont have (: friday my off day. hehee ..

will be a 1day trip with families tmr. wonder where are we going.

gonna wear my MCKY that have been left out for months. time to rest my leg after 4days with heels. myGod. i need a massage! =D

aight, online awhile then gotto pack my stuff, staying over at Damansara's tonight.

JieyiPinkabell signing off.

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