1 day trip with families.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Was downloading brushes for my photoshop ytd and dint know i've downloaded so many. =D after downloaded, i keep on trying on a new piece.

this is done by me with all the brushes. I love it cos i just simply place it and this is the result =D

The title says everything of the day.
Firstly batu cave, Hello ! i manage to climb all the way up within 5minutes. =D this is the prove, a view from the top.
this is how long and high is the stairs, there's around 272 or i don't know, more that that or smth. not only this stairs, after you reach the top, in side have more stairs too. =X

After came down, all our legs turned to jelly. mainly is because the stairs istoo high and long, it's also because the steps is too small =X
Not forget to mention that there are monkeys everywhere ! it freaked me and my cousin while we walking up and the monkey pop out infront of us. @@
Next station @ Muzuem Negara.
Loads of pictures, haven upload in fb yet. there's lot more in the camera. will upload it in fb next week.

everyone is talking about history inside, and joking around. hahahaa, it's fun. (:
well, back to damansara hse after that and me and my sis gone to bed once we reached apartment. o.0 and had pizza for dinner with families. (:

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