Hidden Be@brick series 18 !!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Did i mention i have one series 17 Be@rbrick which is SF ?

now i have another Hidden Be@rbrick series 18. I got the hidden Be@rbrick !! =D

i got lots of snacks from Dudek . =D Aligatto !

nth much about, and i don even wanna mention today.

So urm, just wanna post that i have my Be@rbrick (:

and i wanna collect the Zodiac version & xmas Be@rbrick 2009 !! OMG !!

i think i've mention it in few previous post right? *i think so*

well, my aunt & counsins is landing to selangor on this thursday night, as usual and always and forever, im gonna pick them up with mummy. This is a MUST! (: my yearly job whenever they are back (:

so, they only come back for around 3weeks. mummy have plan and trips for them (: so no chance for me going down to klang overnight and mamak in the midnight with her & our talks ): atleast she's staying over at our apartment after she landed (:

cant blame it, i have class mon - thurs, no chance for all our "routine" we used to have EVERYNIGHT when we're together. We got soo much to talk!

PC fair, who's going? my sis going with me by lrt on this sunday, i might bringing one of my counsin (: some of my friends going too but with their own transport. (: tihnking if should bring 2 counsins or 1 or .. see first. (:

Ms. Wannabe, wan go anot?

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