New moon is Awesome !

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Twillight saga New Moon !

As you may know, im one of the hardcore fnas of Twillight ! so yea, i wastched New Moon !! I really cant wait for it, waited for MONTHSS! =D so impatient, i know, i cant help it.

New Moon is totally Awesome !! if you watched Twillight, you must continue

New Moon! but if you dint, just forget about it, cos you wouldn't know what's going on when you watch New Moon without Twillight !

New Moon is absolutely a-must watch movie, how can you miss it ?!?!?! for those who dislike twillgiht, Nah ! who cares about you.. ( it's true, there's ppl dislike twillight, how can it be man! )

Well, i do heard screaming and soundss in the cinema, as usual Twllight too.

Girls screamed for Edward Cullen in Twillight, but now they o.0 !!! for Jacob in New Moon!

I do, but it's in silence =D

but sad thing is that i missed the front 10minutes part, Damn it ! Nevermind, i can still watch again. I watched 7 times Twillight, so what about New Moon then.. =D *who wants to watch with me agian?*

The only thing i am not satisfy with is the ending part, it happens so sudden.. everybody *awwwww* when the ending because Edward said : " Would you marry Me, Bella? " , and Bella replied with a smile, and the end.

so wth right? i know it is! so yea, im waiting for the 3rd story, Eclipse . then the 4th, Breaking Down & 5th coming soon =D i mean the book, the story , called Midnight Sun!

aaaa, damn it! i wan all their books. ): but it's too exp. grrr ..

Okay, find. go watch New Moon is you havent ! and i don mind watching again so call me =D

that's all for today =D

I lovee Twillight =DD

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