Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Aight, finally the fashion show and talen show is over and god damn it my talent show got screwed up ! Why? thanks to the microphone, it's stupid enough and makes me worried till i even forgot my damn god lyrics. Urghhh !! But fine, it's over and atleast my fashion show was not bad and i got the first one -________-

Forget about it, and here's the group pic for my for-once-band (:

Yes, my for-once-band (: Jimmy & Wystan ! Thank you so much (:
They play the song for me and i sing. =D

LOL, this kinda funny. they came over to ask where i from and all seems suprise im local. =.-? LOL, they this guy of their booth came to hand me this board and took a picture . XD

so tomorrow again 6pm Waltz Practice and im sorry to say i dont feel comfortable with my partner > <

FINEE, i must get my ass off now to finish up my assignment. I wanna hand-in tmr, Not FRIDAY. !

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