Japanese + Korean Dinner = BLOATED !

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Porsche Carrera 5 (:

Went Koong Jung Korea Restaurant for dinner as we have rm150 voucher. besides Korean food, they have japanese food. But i can tell you there is so not worth to eat! =/
Well, camwhored at there and also at home. pics will upload in fb (:

Sensai Udon (: Baby en's .

My fav, Side dishes. but it's only 7plates. some places have more than that! =D

Sushi set, it's so not worth ! not fresh and not nice enough. yikes. (p/s: im choosy in japanese food, especially sashimi. (: )

My Bi Bam Bam, stone rice. (: ( after mixed )

Nth much for today. (: kinda boring though, but yea. some secret of the day (:
p/s: IMB

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