First experience ♥

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Teehee ..

Yea, I've made this ytd night with the mood, ( if you able to find the mood from the picture (: )
Camwhored with Gong's 6500s phone camera, 3.2 mp. Not bad, kinda like it. Already uploaded in fb. And i like this picture among all so i've decided to make some edi, nth much just some types of blur with only 0.4 pixels . (:

Went for my stockcheck this morning in coll and i drove to coll from my hse, like really first time! =D isabell is so excited to be my passenger but too bad, next time (: ( she support me alot! ♥ )
and we celebrated oct & Nov LA's babe in library. Hahaa, kinda fun.
Well, i must start preparing for dinner , may's bday celebration and class reunion.
For this time , im tying up my hair (: It makes me feels better ♥

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