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Sunday, November 22, 2009

20 Nov o9

Exam Day 4, which is the last day of exam. RMDS paper, was still okay (:

21 Nov o9

Moral Study 1st class, was okay. Back to be the leader of the group (: but only 10 members, unlike the MS more than 100 people. @@

it was a nice and high and fun day (: had nvr been like this for so long.

specially thanks to Ongong & Dommee.

went Sunway Sakae Sushi then Carlo Rino to see if anything suit, but unfortunately Nothing, so then off to Midvalley. But firstly bck home to park one car, cos we have two cars going so it's kinda troublesome. After reaching MV, straight to Carlo Rino and bought one heel , Lurvey Lurvey. It cost me 100 so i left 200 and thinking if i should off to AEON to search for bag or another heel, or else i'll be selling this vouchers out. Then had starbuck for chilling and off to Picadilly . Reach there around 5smth and we only our food at around 730 for dinner. XD i had seafood salad for dinner . LOL cos i am still full from my sushi. (:
Home sweet Home @ 9pm. (:


Thinking if i should join student service, i mean work .. cos im really interested to it. But im a librarian, plus i always got few task to do in a week. So im thinking =/

going off now, to rest awhile .. roll on my bed, and group chat with ongong & domme .

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