Exam day 2

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

While waiting for my dinner, let's blog for today.

Today's paper ITA , has no problem to me. i cant promise i'll score distinction but mayb credit because i skipped 3 questions which i don't know why my mind goes blnk out of a sudden =X tsk.

aight, it's over.. so let's not think about it ..

not gonna study tonight, but gonna chong tmr for add maths. Damn it i dint learn any basic before in high schl =( Never mind. I trust myself i can ^^

OMGod, out of a sudden i wan Chocolate Cream from Starbuck & Bak Kut Teh !! XD

I love starbuck so so much, and last 2weeks i bought myself one after ages =/ and now i want !

God Damn it there's Moral class this saturday early morning, like hello ? who's going man .. I dont wanna stun there alone, but yea i'm still going though i already expect no body will go =X I'll bring princess along. (:

i planned to bak kut teh after class or starbuck but definately no one , so FINE. I go myself with my princess and Syok Sendiri there. XD

Woots, my dinner is ready. Ciaozzy ..

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