Exam day 3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is when first met dong dong, he slept in the car on my lap.

This is also when the first day i met dong dong, he playing around on my lap in the car .
He's now bigger in size and much more active and naughty..
Compare to when he was still small, he could listen to us and not that naughty ..
Though he is active and playful and naughty .. we love him so much .
due to some lil accident, he wasnt that active today. i hope it's only today..
i hope he'll be fine .. very soon.
i couldnt stop my tears and thinking of how he react today. It's so not him.
I wish he could cheer up. Sighs.
I love you baby, mummy love you alright? cheer up! mummy will come over to see you tmr. (:
Loves ya.
today's paper was okay. just some, you cant expect too much, i dont even have the basic one. So i've tried my best. (:
well, that's all for now.
thanks dude (: and goodnight bibi. XD ( secret)

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