The party (:

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Before i started to post, Finally my shared blog and bells stop has updated. Do Drop by yea (:

Yes, as i've mentioned earlier we'r gonna make a suprise party for my lil baby sister on 31 OCT , as a early birthday celebration. Her bday is actually tmr which is 2 Nov but it's a monday and we wont be free, so yea (: Here it is ..

Taadaa ! Her birthday cake, Done by me and my sister (: Isn't it cutee ? =D

Does the Jelly looks cute ?? It's done by me and my sister (:

Yes ! this banner took us around 15minutes to done. and ofcourse, Credit to me and my sister.
Not forget to mention the new pink collection (:
NDS Pink =D And the pink adorable trolley =D

The party starts at 7 and end at 12 . o.0
Majority is my second sis friends and my mom's . Greatfully thanks to sam for dropping by (: We do have some fun deco-ing cupcakes yea ?

Phew, tmr gonna head to sunway for trying modelling outfit & tuesday got my talent show preview & Waltz practice and also modelling rehearsal.

Pls !! I wan my ITA presentation done by tmr. No delay plssss .. =/

Aight, i must upload all the pics in fb now . (: Taaa ..

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