Make no worries.

Friday, November 06, 2009

mmm mmm ..

Yea, im still listening to Cindy & Jay's new song for like few days non-stop already =D

phew, just finish my 1st order from my mom's friends for the cheesetart. =D

I've updated for
Bells Gallery , Do check it out!

Stock Check tmr

I've lose my 1week salary, =(

and mayb 2 more weeks. Sob sobb ..

Time FLIESSS .. it's coming to the end of sem2 . Woww !

Well, i've made my mind, Software Engineering or either Web Development. (: Majority im going into Software, i love coding but i afraid i couldnt handle it because it's gonna be full of math. Though i always Have fully confidence in math, Yess i love maths really much but i dint study add maths before, It's my first time in coll. OMGG X( I even worried for my FMTS exam now . =( GODD, help me X(

blahhh, i dont mind losing in the queen with either no votes or mayb less than 5. As long I enjoy the fun on that night and absolutely no friends will be there =( what a effing lonely "queen" !

OMGG, i duno which bag to use XD i have like 8 bags. 5 branded and 3 pink one . teehee ..

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