Annual Year End Gathering Dinner UCTI 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yayy , AYEG of UCTI 2009 is ended perfectly. *clap clap*

Im happy to say that i won the third place, Ms Confident. Dinesh is the Mr Confident. (:

there is total of Queen, Princess and Ms Confident / King Prince Mr Confident.

Well, load of pictures taken ytd but is not with me .. so just have to wait for the taggs in facebook. But i've loaded some which is taken from my phone (:

A picture of the Ms & Mr Confident. (:

Taadaa, my flower bun (: cant see clearly.

A picture of myself with my Ms Confident. (: I love my dress and heel. The dress is short at the front and long at the back (: Nicee ! with my pretty heel.
Well, we have alot sponsors for the event, the main one are Carlo Rino and others, (i dont rmb XD) , so i got rm300 voucher from carlo rino for third place. (:
though my eye is kinda uncomfortable the whole night but things still going good. (:
thanks my friends who came for the night and those ppl who vote for me =D thank you!
the night was really really fun! just view my facebook to see more pictures .. and stay tune for more pictures to be tagged.

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