Monday, November 23, 2009

First day of Last Sem in Foundation. (:

everythng was okay, worn my new heels matches with a lil formal wear. (:

o.0 im now gonna bump into Computing & IT and Perspectives in Technology. That'll gonna be fun, im gonna work even harder in this sem. No more last minute. (: besides that two sub, there's one more ITB -.- which is biz sub, i don like . =/ Nevermind.

Well, Im working in library, a leader for my moral class, a student in apiit/ucti 3rd sem foundation.. and lastly i decided to join the team in Student Service, which im gonna work there too. (: It's not suprise, Jieyi love those .. Her interest.

Okayy, im going off to study now (it's obviously nothing to study for the first day) but i do. (: and gonna help out my mom to bake cheesetart.


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