Sunday, November 29, 2009

I love this pic, camwhored with princess webcam ytd night. (: all uploaded in fb (:
its a sunday, aka family day.
we always have family day every weekends or whenever both parents are at home. (:
just finish having our tea time, pan cakes =D we do always have fun time, just like just now while preparing the cakes. :D
today's weather is nice, we love it!
o.0 it's suprise i am not addict to shopping anymore, i do love shopping but i dont addict to it. No any longer a shopaholic, but depend =D
if nothing else, i'd rather stay at home with my family (: I love spending time with them.
OMG ! Be@rbrick is making me even crazier !
Last five Be@rbrick chogokin chrome !! and Be@rbrick Christmas 2009, & Be@rbrick Chogokin Saint Seiya Zodiac Version !! OMGod !
it's all limited and having preoder now, but it's too exp for me. :(
Series 19 is out in this dec. awwww, i wan 'em . I've finally have one, which is series 17 SF . Thanks Zhen Goh!
(: Be@rbrick is totally and absolutely the second thing i wanna collect & Pink is definately my 1st collection (:
My Nina Ricci Apple perfume is finishing ): i wanna buy DKNY Pink Apple, it smell superb nice. DKNY red apple was the first thing i want but now it's Pink Apple =D I've already have the green one. If im rich enuf, i'd want to collect 4 of them, Pink , red , Purple & Green.
I realise that, JieyiPinkabell has already be my trademark for almost 5years. (:
JieyiPinkabell Signing off (:

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