Tsk Tsk ..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

whoops, did i mention in the past post?

I've got my lappy =D yes, it's pink, my pink collection! Teehee .. though it's not the metalic type but i still love it cos i finally own a pink lappy. (: ( p/s: i still wan my sony viao princess )

just give me few months time, im gonna do transformer for my lappy (: which is design , deco it . (: as usual, my fav. to be qualified as one of my pink collection. LMAO!

aight, back to now .. i am damn effing hungry but it's 1046pm . tsk!

waltz is killing me, or i should say my partner ? he just stepped on my toe and it bleed badly =( ouch.

today kinda wasting some time, some salsa dancer was teaching salsa there .. hope there's not distraction tmr. (:

uhh, i hate coughing seriously! it gonna take a atleast a montht to recover man ..


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