Pink Collection (:

Friday, November 27, 2009

I wanna eat new york cheese cake !
I wanna eat Tiramisu !!
=D i miss those so much. went OU for lil walk and had brunch with families. bought salmon sushi, my crave before going back. (:

Took some pic in OU's toilet. was too boring and not in the right mood . so just a simply fake smile as usual.
off to damansara somewhere to buy daddy's fav koi fish and mummy her flowers.
while in the car, snapped a picture of one of my pink colleciton (:
Cute bo? Loads of pink collection, but impossible to picture all of them . and im too bored in the car while waiting them so i pictured one of my pink collection (:
*ouch, i cant turn to the right much. =/ my neck is hurt.
Afterall, im using my burberry today with mummy. (:
Aight, just a short post.
p/s: I miss my chocobaby, ( it's u ! )
Pinkabll signing off ! (:

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