Sunday, November 08, 2009

I really have to go to bed in 15minites time, I'm feeling ill. =( My throat and my nose ..

well, went to kota damansara's boutique today. We went almost ALL the boutiques there and dint get any dress. why? kinda exp and not my type. but i must say i love kota damansara's boutique. i love all the outfit!

Atlast, i bought my first high heels with 2.5 inches (: in silver and glitters. I lovee silver shoes, because i can easily match with any outfits. My aunt bought for me, it's rm89 and consider reasonable price because it sell RM100+ at shopping malls. That's the reason why i love boutiques, Nice & Cheap or mayb reasonable price (: so yea, got discount for the heels too cause it's my aunt's friend's boutique. am suppose to choose a dress from there but they are more to elegance theme, dark colour so end up with 1 heel but im satisfy with it! cos i never able to buy a heels, only share with my mom or get from my mom =D but now i own ONE ! Cheers !!

well, there's always a solution. I manage to get a dress, really nice though it's not the colour i want but still i like it! (p/s: im superb choosy on dresses) it's in grey, mixed with light & dark grey. it's half long and short, well. It's really nice !! i'll try to snap a picture of it on that day =D

hmmm, yea, im not gonna tie a bun with that dress. but im gonna tie a flower and my fringe up! your must be wondering what flower? i've thought of this hairstyle and manage to tied once at my gong's sister's wedding night last yr. (: even a hairstylist asked me how i did it. =D ( well, im not showing off. ) So yeap, im gonna tie it once again (:

After so long since the last time i have my salmon like really few months ago, 4months i think. I miss sashimi !! we went solaris, soho kl had dinner, suppose to look for some japanese restaurant but duhh! cant find one end up at sushi king which my last went there was 3years ago. (fyi, i don really like sushi king) so i had my all-time-favourite Salmon Sashimi. I ate kinda lots and even trying to grab that whole big piece of sashimi salmon while that chef is slicing it. XD I can't stop going away from Salmon Sashimi and alll Sashimi! =D

aight, on the week 16nov will be my exam week. I must start studying, so please pray for me that i won't fall a sick please! my ayg is on this coming saturday. OMG =(

Goodnight peeps. ♥

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