Exam Day 1

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's COS paper, was not bad. Kinda .. okay. XD

yea, more AYG's pictures tagged in fb (: Do check out.

Group 1 , group pic (:

Hisham, my new friends. Know him from the king & queen hunt. He's nice.

Yaw Kwan & Vincent . The both Roti Boy XD
My day wasn't that good . but yea, nth much to think about. It's already a past.
Currently kinda into Down Down Down by Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne .
Baby are you down down down .. even the sky is falling down down down .. :D
ITA paper tmr, 80% confidence . :P it's all about MS Office. So yea, i've studied. Just have to revise abit more . (:
I rmb i used to post about all my exam days last time when i first started blogging till last yr. (:
Woots, i think i kinda into college life already (: it's nice and fun ..
yet i am still in high schl fun time. those old time .. with no stress and no worries .. skipping class and went to the staircase to chit chat and gather together .. skipping class and went for an early recess .. XD skipping assembly and hiding in the class secretly .. Aww . i miss those .. and yum cha session after class .. ;D
Tsk. Though college wont be as fun as high schl, but i know it'll be nice too (:

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