Tsk, Maplee ♥

Thursday, November 12, 2009

woots, im soon back to maple.

heard that i have to create a new char to play with my friends cause they are in diff server from my old char, holly, No mann =(

it spent me almost 2weeks to lvl up 50+ , earning all my mesos and hunt for all the items.

well, see first. still .. im gonna stick with my fav job and name of maple . (:

oh well, im gonna look for the private server again. (: i just love maple, esp the private server like GosuMS !! 1meso for everything, even those more than 100mil scroll. =D

i wanna buy a rubber type of external keyboard which i can fold/roll it and keep it easier, yea i found in a digital shop nearby my hse, NOT digital mall. but the new one. i wonder if they have the pink one ;D

phew, just went across to a wanna-be's .

well, kinda miss my old k750i with all the diamond all over my phone. as usual, it's my style. like everybody knows. but obviously im so so not and never gonna do it to my c905. NEVER! like hello ?? why would u wanna hurt you rm1.4k phone with those stuff (:

not either my lappy, but nah. i'm gonna make it perfect!

teeeehee, looking for job for this coming pc fair and definately im going cos i wanna buy smth for my princessbell (my lappy's name) .

Let's keep princess in original first, mayb next yr only i'll deco it. princess cost 3.2k, so i don wanna hurt it. (:

I love princessbell.

I love my new heels, i dance perfectly today along with my new heel. i can see glitters on my feet =D

maple took me only 15minutes to dl. how fast can it be! it usually took me atleast 3hrs. o.0

aight, ! ciaozz..

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