Ranny Weather (:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Awwww, i seriously love this weather which after heavy rain (: my all time favourite weather. *freezing*

Thanks gong for the lunch (: IMB .

got scratched by DongDong, the bad-innocent-act cute-dog. no hurts luckily (: he loves to stick with me and disturb me, cos i use to love him so much (:

Christmas is aorund the corner and ending of 2009 is drawing near too ! always a 50% sad case, cos all the memories will run through the mind over the whole year. As always (:

Aiks, i miss my t1 group buddy, we used to have lunch and lepak when we are having the 4hours break. Babooon, princess, leng moi, malao, i miss those voices. Seriously badly ! sighs, the voices have moved to another diff timetable. =X

365days, even only 1 day can contain countless memories. so what about 356days ?

memories with the gang, memories with buddy, memories with gong, memories seeing dongdong growing up, memories with family, memories with the talks with friends and so so so many countless memories.

this is true, im always a kid & like an old women who always think of the past tense. how nice if im now still age of 3 growing up being naughty (: how nice if i could still skip class during high school, how nice if i could act like a boss in form2, how nice if i could still run down from 63 level high stairs during my std6 trip, how nice if i could still skip eng class with the baboon gang during sem1, how nice if we could have another crazy game during bbq party .. etc.

there's so so so so much countless memories i have in my whole entire life, for the 18 years.

i have sad, suprise, happy, crazy, hyper, diff kind of celebration for my birthdays in my 18years life. though i don receive more than 3 presents anymore for my birthday, yet i still happy cos most of them rmb my birthday and give me a wish (:

quote: Look forward and learn better. yes it's true. but still, i always think of the past all the time (: only certain time i dont, like facing some situation.

hmmmm, so much to think so much to wish. (:

alah ! my nina ricci seriously going to say goodbye liao ): i wan the DKNY blossom aka Pink apple. =X

hmmm, i love thinking the past by not regreting the past, because it's already happened and nth could make the changes of the past. So no harm thinking and missing, atleaast i will still rmb it when i die, *choichoi*

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