Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I don't know why and i dont like having 1 class in a day. which is 315pm - 445pm.

ytd, went to be student helper in student service (: quite nice working there, but the only thing is the air-cond is killing me. my both hand freezed till i can see blood freezed o.0 ! it caused me cant press the keyboard properly. hahaa ..

duty in library after class today, well, im sure you can see me there working night shift every tuuesday. LOL. so i learnt about the system today, since i've got my GIMS.quite fun but it's scary.. XD

while working, sandip accompany ji shia to library so we had a lil talk. and somehow thing got pist me off but im still smiling and laughing there. we bought the same bag, same quality but my price was double of his. OMGod. =/ ahh, forget about it . X.x

might be a briefing tmr for this coming exhibition for UCTI. but i don't see my phone ringing, so how? =/ gotto ask tmr. probably only working on sunday @ PWTC .

having presentation tmr, but still waiting my other 2 members to finish and compile their work. aikss..

gong is sleeping again, he's not waking up to work. !!

wow, 1day trip on this friday with families. *shhhh* not gonna tell the plan here. gonna picture more, (: and another 3D 2N trip next week, not sure if friends going too.

it's 1015pm, must hurrry my group mates. else ............................... i don't know. (:

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