I'm back!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Phew, miss me? LOLs.

Im back, with 1 pair of new shooooooee =D

I just cant stop my eyes at shoooooeessss!!

so, what have i been to hmm?

slept over at my aunt's hse @ puchong on sunday night till today (:

Went morning exercise ytd morning at 7am (yesh! they are very healthy family). so we played badminton & basketball.

and dinner @ tasty pot, nah! not my choice of steamboat anyway.

Went OU today for a lil shopping cause my aunt wanna get each of us a present. So i got 1 new shoooee & my sis got the pair of clothes and shooe and my youngest sis got 1 pair clothes.

p/s: i want that sweater for rm169 !!! my favourite type of sweater. it's tooo expensive and i told myself i must get one myself next yr. buahahaha ..

i don't know why, im feeling so so so sleepy the whole day but i cant sleep too long cause my brain cells will die and i will get bad headache. LOLs, funny huh?!

thank you mummy =D *shhhhh*

btw, my room is so so so freshh laa! I love you mummy.

p/s2: I dint know i've got 43 plushies in my room. I looveee plushies =D

dint picture much and oh ya! i very understand the word "CAMWHORE" in American way, my American aunt told my mom why the hell we uses this word and i swear i'll nvr uses it anymore! =D (i will not laugh if anyone uses the word, XD)

JieyiPinkabell signing off. (:

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