Welcome 2010 !

Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010 !

Hii readers! It's 2010, setted your new goal for the year? (:

it's the first day of the year, i heard my friend met smth bad. aiks..

Hope all of you have a great day today!

How's my first day?

I woke up in the afternoon cause i slept at 3am yesterday for making my new blogskin and counting down with my fb-er & twitter-er .. How was your countdown party?

Off to kota damansara for brunch, dim sum (: then off to Shah Alam to have a look at the new city/mall. called i-city, it's smth like mont kiara solaris but it's still new so nth much there .. Somehow i love the environment and the view there though it's nth special but the big space over there is seriously attractive!

then we moved on to my grand's hse for some chit-chat, helping them on some IT stuff then back to pj for dinner @ tmn megah.

And so, here am i blogging and start my 2010 !

I've a new task, for every night (: i'll be typing my full details of my daily life (diary) and a document and smth additional then save it in a file and print it out end of the month.

p/s: i've this habit of writing diary since i was age of 10, i stopped since 2years ago.

Don't worry, i will still blog about my daily life but it'll be a summary (: the reason i wanna write a diary is because i wanna keep all the thing that i go through everyday. this is nth diff from blogging but i just love diaries. they are more privacy & details, so when before the day end or my life end i can read back and smile at it like what i do everytime i read back my diaries. (:

That's for my 1st day of 2010, (:

p/s2: do leave a comment at my tagboard about my blogskin & also share your 1st day of 2010!

p/s3: The reason i did not fully design the layout is because i am lazy & headache to think about.. so i just design the content and edit/add smth.. (:

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