Starbucks 2010 Planner

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I, myself personally really a starbucks lover! But due to financial prob, i couldnt have everymonth. Sometimes even once in a couple of month. ):

Starbuck first came to my life was when i was in form4, 16. Previously was Coffee Bean. Thanks to old buddies brought me to Starbucks and so Im totally in love with it and said BYE to Coffee Bean.

Starbucks is slightly more expensive than COffee Bean but i can say is much nicer than Coffee Bean, (my own taste okay) When i first got into Starbucks, i used to walk-in quite often till my purse really not filling anything edi so i gotto control myself from it. This is really sad okay! No starbucks everymonth. Like already used to atleast walk-in once in a month. But after the last two years, 2008 i think then i stop this addict habit though i really cant. But atlast i did loh =D

Even now also once in a ... 2months? no eh, almost 3months dint walk-in liao. Sigh. Nevermind.

Though im a lover of Starbucks, i did not update myself about their latest news. And here im gonna tell you one thing about it, i feel so so so much outdated !

See this Planner below?

It is Starbucks 2010 planner, Nice kan? FYI, i love collecting planner or nice notebooks. This promotion actually ended since 15 Jan 2010, started at Last year November. Sigh, how outdated am I right?

Alright, how you can get it FREE. All you need to do is just walk in and purchase drinks and collect stamps, 11 stamps then you can exchange this Planner. And i just realise i got only 3/11 . -.-

Within this week i must walk in and ask if they still got anot. Mustt !

p/s: I got this info from bloghopping. I AM SO OUT-DATED!!

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