Tiredness .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here are some pictures from my sis's phone.

A group pic with my grandpa. You can see that he is really taall ! therefore most of his daughter are tall, unlike me shorty! XD

Lets have a lil update for today.

As i slept around 1am yesterday, and woke quite early today. I feel like im a dead fish! =X

Went for class and head start to ache and i can feel smth spinning in my head.

Had only 2buns before work, so quite abit gastric while working. That's bad. Im having lil gastric these days.

O.0 BFF is working at Italianies! Shhhhhh* Ken is going visit him tmr, i cant cause will back home late and im sure he wont be so patient to wait for me XP

Sometimes i dont understand the reason of copying, not plagiarise because atleast she did do appendix but that's so not nice lor ok?

And all is about copying by not using the brain. It's making people to laugh their ass off when reading man. Me and sista was like, OMG, nth can save her and we both laugh till rolling on the floor. Tsk tsk, you dont deserve being yourself. Hell NO!

Doing my assignment now for my tmr's presentation. (:

Teehee, ciaos.

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