Is too much sitting as too little exercise ?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As the title, i found this article in the newspaper today. It seriously interesting.

Paris: Sitting all day may significantly boost the risk of lifestyle-related disease even if one adds a regular dose of moderate or vigorous exercise, scientists said yesterday.

I do heard before, sitting tooo much or overly much will seriously causes some disease, i never believe but also i never sit too much.

Some chinese or people says that sitting too much will make your butts bigger and not as nice as a S-shape body anymore. Is this true?

The health benefits of pulse-quickening physical activity are beyond dispute, it helps ward off cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, among other problems.

But recent scientific findings also suggest that prolonged bouts of immobility while resting on one's rear end may be independently linked to these same conditions.

The scientist pointed to a recent study of adults showing that each daly one-hour increase in sitting time while watching television upped the rate of metabolic syndrome in women regardless of the amount of moderate to intensive exercise performed.

Thirty minutes of daily physical exercise decreased the risk by about the same percentage, suggesting that being a couch potato can cancel out the benefits of hitting treadmill or biking.

They also said we should walk more instead of sitting more. I do agree sometimes, after i sitting for atleast 3hours even with the right position, my back bone to butts feels like cracking for not waking to move around.

If you guys know about it, sit for not more than 1hour or less than that, stand up and walk around for atleast 10minutes, give yourself some lil relax exercise like stretching.. (: No harm trying.

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