A day of the game - Jeopardy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hellllo, it's friday ! I did attend for class although i already know that it's kinda useless, but i did loh!! good girl leh. XD

Well, today we suppose have a "SUPERTEST". so called a "SUPERTEST". CIT lecturer asked us to study Lecturer 1 - 5 because we will be having a "SUPERTEST". until yesterday, jacky told me it was just a game, a quiz. so end up left me and dommee.

Well, this game is quite fun. called Jeopardy! hahaa..

i forgot to picture the game slides. It's really fun, each category have 5 diff points [100 - 500]. pick either one, and both group will have the chance to answer. But only one group can answer at one time, marks will be deducted if answer wrongly. Last game will have a bet game, throw a bet from your points and answer the question. You'll get double of your bet if you answer correctly and will lose your bet if you answer wrongly.

Errr, if you understand the game. hahaa.

Okay, come back here.

FYI, im a fans of Sophie Kinsella. Her new book which i've been waiting for Twenties Girl is now release, I think it already released earlier.

Uhhh, i wan to buy the book! and look, the list that i haven buy. i only got 4book of her's.

1.remember me? [perfect!]
2.can you keep a secret? [really nice!]
3.Confession of a Shopaholic [dont miss it!]
4.the undomestic goddess [haven read yet XD]

aiks, my goal is to collect alll her book. 5more to go! waiting for mph sales, gonna buy all of them in one shot. =D


her books are all simple and easy to understand and really interesting! i got an A for my essay just because i read her book one night before. And i also improve my english just because of reading her book and some other story books.

p/s: i realise i have number of books haven read yet! XD 5 i think. =/

1. Sophie Kinsella - The undomestic goddess
2. Cecelia Ahern - if you could see me now
3. Cecelia Ahern - a place called here
4. Tony Parsons - One for my baby
5. Tony Hayden - Twilight children

Whoops, no time to read =/

have weekly assignment and one new assignment just came out yesterday and working and studies and and .. idk. =$

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