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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Let's talk about yesterday night.

Went yum cha with aunt uncle @ IOI-Boulevard. A new buildings at puchong, right opposite IOI mall.

This is a lil picture of the place, i mean the design.

So we had our yum cha at My HoneyMoon, a dessert place. ALl you can find in the menu is only DESSERT !

There are like 30+ desserts, so so much suitable for dessert lovers.

A picture of the Menu cover.

Cute right? the first page of the menu. i can tell you everything (the plates & spoons) have the design of this picture.

I did not picture all the menu pages, this is one of the category page. The menu pages are so cute and colorful. They have difference category and it's all dessert!

I only snap few picture of what we order. So this is Durian Pancake, for durian lover you must try this! im not a durian lover but my mom is. (:

This is my sis one, i dont rmb the name. Some coconut sago. I dont like coconut sago but i tasted it, it's nice.

Here come my all-time favourite Honeydew Sago. It's really nice and the fruit is sweet. They dint soak the fruits into any sugar water.

This is mummy's one, Peanut Tong Yuan. It's nice, inside is the black peanut or smth like that, i dont know what it call.

Lastly, here come to the design of the plate! Cute right?? It's abit dirty because it was the Durian Pancake's plate. hehehe ..
There are 4 outlets if im not mistaken, 1U and 2more other mall. I haven been to other outlet before, but only IOI-Boulevard. So i would recommend for group of friends who likes to hang out and have a dirnk and chit-chat, that would be a nice place.
My day, Sunday isnt my good day. I dont know why, my mood wasnt that stable. Kind of mood swing.. Tsk.

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