Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello, was working Yesterday & Today @ MAPCU MQA education fair at MV.

Yea, my final decision overall.

Just a quick update.

As you may know, my all time favourite contact brand is always NUDY series. I love NUDY series contact lens, they are really pretty!

I found this new NUDY series under Barbie eye Brand. Why i love NUDY? because the color is obvious and nice and natural much! unlike some other brand/series color contact will makes your eyes look so fake and not nice and the color is not obvious.

This is a picture of Barbie Nudy Series. Let me tell you, this really attracts me till i really bough it! The even comes with Pink color! You might think it's weird, but i saw the seller wearing it, it's nice so i give myself a try. But gonna keep it till CNY (: Besides, i also bought Barbie Eye series, the original series. The color is not obvious, srsly. But it really make your eyes looks Barbie and big. If you take picture with flash or go under a bright place, then you can see the color.

Not forget to mention that they comes with Kawaii container. Not like the normal one.

Cute right? The left one with anime is the Barbie Eye orginal Series. And the left one is NUDY series.

So, this is NUDY PINK.

And this is barbie orignal series. You see, get what i mean? The colour is not obvious after you wearing it, because it mixed with black. But its nice.

Can you see? i gotto take kinda near and with flash only can see the lens in my eyes.
NUDY series is always the best! if your a contact lens user and a regular buyer of color contacts, you should know (:

So, as i've mentioned. Working at MV for education exhibition under MAPCU MQA. overall, it was nice and i enjoyed with the team (: ofcourse, it will be kinda tired because i was standing all the time to give out flyers/brochure. But it's fun communicating with people. I love that! and helping to prepare everything and clear everything and all the stuff. esp chit-chatting with the team, my seniors and counsellors .

The first day, my leg is nearly gone. The bones & muscles are almost cracked. had lunch at the food court with "yap kwan" & "koral". Getting to know more people in the team, im forgetful so gotta ask their names again (:

After that, had dinner with family @ Room Eighteen. And a lil shopping (:

Woots! my new all-time favourite ice-cream. Peach.

And home-sweet-home after that. I straight went to bed after bathing. around 1030. =D

The second day, my legs feel better. Not as bad as yesterday, the first day. "koral" dint came so had lunch with "yap kwan". Knowing new people, Rui yi. (:

Hmmm, i know. My post is always boring =/ im trying to make it more interesting okay!

Aight, class and work tmr. tata!

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