Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello, sorry that i've been M.I.A and leave my blog dead here. Not really yet, i saw visits still, Thanks (:

Let's recall what i've been busy lately till i left my blog dead.

I left my blog since 27 Jan, Wed right? Kinda busy with assignmentS, yes, with the S.

was handling 3assignments but now added one more, which suppose have 1month time but ended up 2weeks due. And it's not really easy, cause it's a busines/organization assignment which i always have blank minded with it even full of question marks ): but luckily it's a group assignment and the individual one is coming after CNY, tsk. even now is kinda rushing with Moral's, due on Tuesday. This coming tuesday 2 Feb. and i still got a lil bit more. Thanks to the lazyness lar .

Nth much in the past, went Klang yesterday (Saturday) for a lil hang out with family. Went Klang Parade, and bought a Polo Tee at Hang Ten. Heading to Hang Ten next week with Gong and friends and aunt, and probably the whole feb will be there because I can get 50% off for everything there, but only in the month of Febuary. Because my mom applied the membership card and her bday falls on the Feb.

Some pictures taken in the Hang Ten fitting room, the two Shirts i bought. (: gonna choose few more Polo Tee from there, I lovee Polo Tee. Hang Ten's quality is not bad and price quite ok, even can get cheaper sometimes.

Then we had Bak Kut Teh, my favourite for dinner with relatives. and they had staircase at their house for the upper-left-out empty place, they renovate the empty place became a room for my grandma, whom already at America for many years and finally coming back, I think.

Went to some boutiques at Uptown today, bought 2 tops for CNY and 2 bottoms for coll wear. Then headed off to Tropicana City Mall, was suppose for a lil walk but ended up bought my sis a Piano. I was suppose to learn piano with her but i wanna keep my nails long so instead, she's gonna be my teacher at home ^^ She taught me a simple 5second playing today.

Was Pica with friends, and i bought my laptop there to finish up the assignment and had 1 tower. SO they now moved on for second round. Sad case i cant join =/

Phew, very sleep these day because i slept at 4am on the friday night and woke up at 11am on the saturday and slept at 1smth on the saturday and woke at 9smth on the sunday. =/ crazy, might be okay for certain people but not me. because in the middle of the day i did not take a nap, was out out out walk walk walk the whole day. Phewww..

Quite a number of pictures of myself today, will only post in blog when needed bah (: no more individual's picture in facebook except for profile pic. ^^

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