Boredom short update.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Borringg ! can you hear me? i said BORINGG.


It's already Febuary, OMG.

Nothing much for the day, really bored.

Was msn-ing with KV and Jiunn.

KV, was talking about money. and we said Money cant solve everything but Hardwork can get everything. Do you agree?

Jiunn, birthday present. This question makes me realise my wish list is kinda really expensive. the cheap one i think only bearbrick? (:

Am now saving money for my birthday, (: planning if i could reach NDS amount, then im gonna get one.

I realised very long and still thinking, scratching my head over it. My birthday falls on TUESDAY. if im not mistaken i suppose on the buffer week. (: no class. *Hopefully*

I was suppose to post about a statement, talking about these day generation girls. Mayb gotto delay first, i really want to talk about it. This is just an issue. (: no offence.

having back ache. ):

urghhhh, i don't know why im feeling lazier these day. tsk.

p/s: im feeling my world, instead of the world. *shh*

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