2010 CNY nails.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hello, finally im done with my documentation. Pheww!

Highlights of the day,

My 2010 CNY nails is finally done! *Cheers*

It's abit too crazy for me, but it has the CNY feelings though.

My left hand.

My right hand.

Seeee, isnt it feel like CNY? maybe not for you? =X but it's for me!

It total took me within two hours doing it. =D and the flowers kinda cost me a bomb okay, i bought around 15, and luckily that guy gave me discount. Else im so dead.

Gonna change my nails design in march. =D my month!


Nth much for today, i really dislike my ITB's tutor. He's sake man!

Helped out for decos at the foyer and inserting greeting cards, (: nice doing with them ^^

Taaa, got to start my ITB both group and individual assignment real soon. Due on 22 Feb, GOD!

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