Happy CNY (:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Woots, left my blog for days. CNY, both saturday & sunday was at my grandparent's hse for the night and home around 3am. Today at home with family for the night, *sweet.

Watched All's well end's well, Dont really rmb the title. It's really funny and nice, wanted to watch 72, but dint manage. and WOohoo! got to delay for it. =X 

Pictures really alot this 2 days, gonna upload it in fb next week i think. never know if im gonna picture  non stop (: 

Hunting ang paos, this year seems lesser bit compare to the past years. 

I seriously dont feel valentine this year, went dinner with him and a walk at i-city. but still dont feel much of valentine, every where is with cny decos. and i-city is seriously nice! or perfect. i mean their decos (: 

oh-ya! not forget to mention that im wearing my nudy pink lens. it's now my all time fav lens colour! So so in love with it. it makes me have cat eyes, i love cat eyes all the time but i dont love cat. =p gonna continue buy nudy pink (: but will still buy budy blue, it's still my fav lens colour.

alrighte, update next time (: just a short update to keep my blog lil alive. 

this picture taken on the new year eve. (: cant really see my pink lens. will show some picture next time i blog.

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