I wanna watch WooHoo !

Thursday, February 18, 2010

As the title of the post, i really do want to watch Woohoo. 

before i continue, i was suppose to blog on the 17 Feb, like 2hours ago? but i was watching Wild Child, awww.. i love that movie, srsly. 

Let's continue, as im planning to watch 2 movies on friday, so i quickly purchase online. 

i first check out Woohoo, and LOOK!

the seats are almost full, either they left the front row. Gosh.

These are the shots from MV and OU, one of their showtime.

So i rather watch one movie, not to be greedy.

im watching 72 with Gong, and thank god there's only 18 seated when the time i selecting my seats.

Hey peeps, have you notice i've been blogging midnight these days? obviously i think, if you notice the time of each post for these days. FYI, the timing is definately correct kay.

whoops, i havent reply any in my cbox. for days already. Whoopsy.

And hell no my assignments haven type a word yet, not even figure out how to do. God's sake. I promise to start tomorrow, atleast the one that due on 22 Feb first, (which means it is a must for me to attend class on monday, ]: )

p/s: do you find it boring if i blog with 1 pictures of mine everytime? idk, just feel like doing it. (: and planning to blog with pictures each time i blog. (: what do you think? atleast you readers wont feel bored with full of text right?

but erm, should i blog 1 title in each post of just mix them up of the day?

Anyway, this is what i always wondering why do ppl love FML, some may meant F* my life or Find me list, but i notice it's mostly F* my life. L-O-L!

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