Rudy Rude people.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I received a call this afternoon, from a lady from this X Fitness centre.

Lady: May I speak to Ms.Chia?
Me: Yea, speaking.
Lady: May I know how old are you?
Me: Urm, 19 this year.
Lady: OWHH!!!
*toot toot tooott*

and there she hanged up my phone!

I got stunned for awhile, trying to think why would she call me and ask for my age. I've got no idea, srsly.

I actually dint went for the 7days trial previously is because of this rude guy. He was really nice, talking and telling me about the facilities and convincing me to join. The next day i went to apply for the trial, and told him i will not join now first but mayb later due to finance, then he got kinda not-happy and wrote down the date for my 7days trial. Then i asked him if i could change the date earlier cause i wanna go with my friends and he replied me "eh, i thought you said this date so i give you this date lar!" i quickly chill him down and said "okay okay okay, no worries". then once i walked off the centre, i told myself im not going for the trial, since im really busy and no time and i that person will never likes rude people.

I don know, kinda dislike X Fitness centre. Uhhh, whatever!

A Hang Ten bag was beside me and i turn over to look inside, realised i bought a red polo-T. LOLs, last saturday. I got abit shocked, that i'd buy a RED shirt. I never ever will give a glance at red, but from no where i bought that polo-T. LOLs. and realised i have not more than 5 red clothes. =D Mostly are in Pink and white. And yea, for first time I didnt want to buy black this year. Hahaaa, i dont know. I just don wan black (:

Planning and thinking if i should give a Nail Collection in my Pinky section. =X hmmmm..

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