end of 18 journey.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Blink of an eye, it comes to the end of 18 and turning 19 in eleven days more. Can't believe im going 19 already. what a surprise (; 

I've 18 birthday in the past, there are happy and sad. I dont remember every 18 birthday but i remember number of 'em. 

When i was a still a ignorant kid, at my age of 6 i think or younger. Families celebrated my birthday at some karaoke, full of presents on the big table infront of me. A bouquet of flowers and one or two bottle of wine on the table, not forget my yummy delicious cake with the candles on top. Hearing my birthday song and claps. Cutting the cake with both mummy and daddy, dressed like a lil naughty princess.

When i grow up, at my age of 11, 12 and 14. A house birthday party celebration. Nanny & Mummy prepare those yummy foods, decoration around the house, receiving presents by friends who attend the party.

Years pass, and come to age of 16, wasnt a great year, wasnt a great birthday. 16, which everybody wants in their life, Sweet 16 aye ? I don't find my 16 any sweet. It's my worst birthday i ever had in my life, and i can never forget what had happened. I only manage to smile for 5hours in 24hours. Im a girl who loves celebrating birthday, because i know it's only once in my life i have those ages. I want to celebrate them and makes me feels i have those age, it'll even makes me feels like im surviving for another year. Doesnt matter if im 30 and still celebrating my 30th 40th 50th, some girls or women doesnt like to celebrate when they are getting older, because i dont want to feel out i dont mind, wo cares? IF i have the chance to celebrate 30th 40th 50th, i think i will feel proud of it, because i can live till that age.

The comes to my 17, not too happy nor too sad. it just feels like a normal day. Yea, like even i do say everytime, birthday just a normal day. I don know why, after since my 16 birthday gone wasted, i never feel special on my birthday. I only wish to cut a cake and blow on candles.

It's been few years i never receive more than 5presents. I admit i love presents esp on my birthday. Who doesnt right?

Well, atleast i have a romantic and memorable 18 birthday. I begin to feel there's someone who care about my birthday. Thanks Z. He gave me a very sweet 18 birthday countdown night. He came to PJ all the way and borrow his friend's car, we caught a movie and dinner at Langat Hill. Then we had nice 15minutes, enjoying the KL view. Off to ss2 to met up my elder sis and they gave me a suprise cake when the clock strike 12, and it's 9/03. For few years i nvr receive presents, i must say i love my 18 presents. Those presents make me feels i'm already 18, not a small ignorant, naughty and a knowing-nothing kid. But not forget, my families bought me a cake and brought me to a dinner, though it's nothing special. But thanks, my mom never forget her child's birthday.

In my 18 years of life, i've done many many things. Naughty stuff, bad stuff, good stuff, and everything. Even experienced many things. Look at those past, i must say, I Dont and never feel regret of what i've done. Because of those past, i learnt how to grow up, learnt to be more mature and those past grown me up. 


(to be continue..)

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