True Legend

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

went to watch True Legend with Gong @ Tropicana city mall. i don't really rate movie. 

Was planned to watch at OU, but the seats are alll full and most of the movie too. so we decided to try at Tropicana City mall and luckily there's still have some middle seats. and so i registered at GSC website.

the movie was, still ok. it's all about kung fu, fight fight, revenge. It's an horror movie but somehow it's violent! ewwww, i hate it. like chopping off your hand, head. it's shown the hand dropped down on the floor, and that murderer got some poison or what so ever, looks damn scary and i dont like it. People who know me will definately know how much i scare those scary stuff and never watch horror or action movie, never violent. =X but i watch this is first because all movies are full seated and second because my Jay chou, i must go support right? =D he's act kinda funny but i can only say, Jay Chou is best in singing but average in acting. =X But i still support him no matter what, loves Jay Chou!

not forget, went dinner at gong's place with his parents and ang paos from his mummy and sis (:

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