The sun is burning me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

See the title? The weather is crazy enough, so gonna burn me and im almost melted. as i've promised to start my assignment today, i got to blame the weather now. I swear im gonna start tonight. =X

I was suppose to have my DIY egg mask on, but i did not. yes, blame the weather AGAIN.

Hehees, i did not capture this egg myself. i google it. =D

I have realise that i've been eating non stop since the holiday began. I not sure if i gain something in my body, but i think so. (:

FYI, i love seaweed. im sure everybody know what is it and don't tell me you never try it. seaweed is always my choice, but there are many brands. like Tao Kei Noi. i not sure if you know what is it. it comes with few flavor and i always pick the original one.

and now im telling you a seaweed from Korea, yea. many type. and i love this one, especially it's BBQ flavor!

this is the bamboo salt flavor, aunt bought from Korea. whenever she's going korea for work, she'll definately bought us this seaweed, but i must say BBQ flavor is a must to try out! it superb nice, i always finger licking whenever finish eating the seaweed. =D

Last but not least, FYI im a daily reader of Dylan aka Comic Studios, incase you don't know.

Previously Eggy was out to the market, Eggy T-shirt, but now Eggy comes to the Eggy Emoticons! Have you check them out yet? i've even downloaded and using now. Click here for more information, or if you wan to download them, Click here.

See, im not lying, i have them! =D it's Eggy Batch 1, cant wait for Batch 2. XD

Aye, im promoting comic studios. ;D FYI, im not trying be toady or anything, and i know i dont have many readers, but it's okay (: i still have tomorrow.

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