You don't, not anymore.

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's 12:07 am, 12/02/10 mummy's day (:

I kinda starts to hate, or mayb dislike will sound better. Dislike thursday. It's always my bad day, real bad day okay. I dont wanna write in details here, sighs.

I don't know, you just don't seems to care whenever you are out with your "Team" or your so called best friends. They seem to be your choice, i don't care.

I thought overall you'll atleast some sweet talk, but NO. You'd rather blame everything to me, im sorry k? kinda my fault in between but aren't you a man? and who start it first? alright, who cares who's first. But why would you rather to treat me like that? Don't you know im waiting a word from you? i dont need apologize, but something that will make me feel or think that you do care? You just love wars between us. Don't you rmb what happened last thursday? or those thursday? and those day you pushed me down? have you ever try to pull yourself down and make things better? Im sorry, mayb sometimes i didn't. But you should have understand why, don't you?

i must stop here, gosh! i dont see my phone ringing! it tells me you dont at all, because you are now with your TEAM friends and you want to be the MAN. you never want to lose in front of them, MAN you!

sighs, kinda ignore my post alright. im really down. ):

Sent one of our friend to Air-port and off to HELP coll for their valentine's event. Kinda bored. but we had our own fun there (:

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