Big big world.

Friday, February 05, 2010

A stupid sentence, The world is too big, really BIG.

I've been having bad headache for two days, due to the bad bad cried i had yesterday. Brain kinda crashed.

Seriously, the world is too big and it's really scary. and im honestly not prepare to step out to reach the world alone. I aint independent at all even though sometimes i do, because i have to. To protect myself. and it's not easy to be independent for a person like me, you don have to know why and i dont know how to explain anyway.

After since i first step out from schooling, i met alot different kind of people and believed the world is dangerous if you don't learn how to see the world. There are many more people come and go around me, even met many difference faces every single day.

Sometimes people being good to you, doesnt mean you can really trust them. Even sometimes your best friends, the person you trust alot. They might hurt you, betray you and you will never know.

I've been through alot similar things like that, but still im being naive till now, i promise i'll never. Because i've got really enough with all these nonsense that non stop repeating in my life. I don't even wanna remember how many times i've been betrayed, no matter how much i trust them, how much im being good to them. It's all just a lie.

Honestly and the truth is, there's no one you can ever fully trust, NONE! i can tell. Yes, they might be trusted but you'll never know in one day what's gonna happen to you. No one you can trust, but only yourself.

Was on the phone with Sam, was talking about betrays. And we both said, never be the 100% of who you are when your outside the world. Though we both always being the real us. Outside of your own home, people tend to pretend who they are. They can be really nice, really good and friendly, but you will never know if it's true.

Yes, i met this guy. He was really nice but what's the end? He betrayed me. What was the point before those? I was being your real good friend and everything and i though you were too, but the truth is NO. Your just a lie.

As what i've mentioned, you got to pretend who you are. But besides i realised one thing, which i really did. and i must say many thanks to those people who opened their eyes and see the truth. I love being myself, i trust people very easily. I can never pretend not to be myself. I can never change this attitude trusting people easily, but im trying. Really trying.

Can someone lead me to the world? It's valentine soon, are you gonna be there to lead me? I'm sorry, am just too dependent. (:

I'm growing up, yes. I did alot even though am still a kid for you people.

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