Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's 20/02/10, am suppose to blog yesterday, 19/02/10 but dint manage to.

So here am i to talk some crap about ytd and some today (:

Ignore this picture, i am just too boring. 

so as i was saying, went to watch 72 with Gong and had Sushi Tei. 

Urm, idk. i prefer Sake instead. But FYI, i only visit Sakae all the time. Heard Zanmai not bad, (: and where else? hmmmm.. 

Had dinner at some restaurant with the families and yum cha with Sam, my BFF yesterday night. We crap kinda lots there, like saying the world just like a Drama. 

Dangerous world, too many kind of people out there. Seriously, NONE you can really trust okay. Who? sometimes not even your family. 

p/s: i personally trust my family alot but sometimes there's something behind you wouldnt know, but yeah i love them loads. 

While crapping about NONE you can trust, reminds me those past, uhhh. I hate betrayers, who doesnt? But hey, have you even realise person who hates betrayers yet they are one of them too? I do betray once, but only once kay. I mean, who never huh? everybody does. atleast ONCE in your life. Those who say NEVER is just LYING. Who doesnt LIE? 

But the only time i betray, the person wasnt anyone to me. But i've got betrayed by my best friends. There are too many dramas in the world, and everywhere. Things goes up and down, you and me, she and he and everyone. Dramas. 

I was on the phone with him this morning, i finally believe, me myself couldnt really believe a person. I can believe but not with my true heart, because i'm afraid. Im sorry, i got enough of betrays by those people. It's so scary. Gosh. As i was thinking this morning, i couldnt even have confidence in relationship, not even believe a person if im gonna step into relationship. I feels everybody lies, i dont know. Im afraid, i scare. My god, what am i now. 

I wanna feel the world but i cant, im only in my own world. 

Hey, i was suppose to take a 5 minute break from my assignment. LOLs. i need starbucks badly now, really desperate for it now. Aiks. 

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