2010 CNY updates.

Monday, February 22, 2010

One week CNY holidays, finally end. All back to work, and students back to study. So am i. First day of class, i dint plan to attend actually and my friends, but sadly we got to hand in our assignment which due today so we gotta bring our lazy bums to coll. As usual, monday class got nothing much.

Hey, i realize i havent update any CNY updates yet, isnt it? so since im kind of free now, (: before that, wanna say that i love the new way of uploading pictures when blogging. It's much more convenient. (:

Hmmm, for chinese tradition. Every year CNY eve, the reunion dinner. Not the normal dinner we have everyday, but a dinner mean that all our family sit together and have our meal, chit-chats.

For my reunion dinner, i actually have two reunion dinner. But it's impossible TWO dinner. so we always have Reunion Dinner and Reunion Lunch. Lunch will be with my mom's side family and Dinner is my father's side family.

This is my mother's side family reunion. we had at Amada Hotel (wtv it spell) one Dai Tong restaurant. We had the VIP room, for two tables. and there's Karaoke. So we had lots of fun, pictures too but err will only upload in FB (:

Lou Sang, is what you cant never miss during CNY.

And this wtv pig u call it. (: I lurvey to eat the pig's hands. XD

these pictures taken there. quite alot of pitures on that afternoon, so check out at my fb if you want. 

For Dinner, we dint manage to take any pictures. Only few sisters pic, and we had the dinner at a Seafood Restaurant. 

This my lovely Elder sis, my cousin actually but who cares, we are sisters.

Then we went off to Klang for some praying session on that night.

One the first day of CNY, sunday. Which all the kids always look for the day begin, because kids loves to collect ang paos. (cut short the story) Had breakfast at home and collect some ang paos =D then headed off to Klang, my grandpa's place then my grandma's. Hmmm, as always. MahJong time for the adults. Lam Mi they call it. 

SO, Sunday was the valentine's too. i think i blog about that day right. So im not gonna repeat.

overall CNY was great, it just bring me some bad luck but it's okay. and i got Ang Paos.


On the 9th day of CNY, 12am. which is 8th day midnight. Is the chinese some praying session. they call it Bai Tin Gong. Not every chinese actually, but most of them. 

This is lily? No idea what it call, people will write their names on a red paper and stick on it then light it when praying. 

The chinese will prepare alot of foods for the praying. like:

Some Fatt Gou. no idea what you call it in english.

The Fatt Gous, see the turtle? I love to eat the head XD 

Some Fatt Choi stuff.

Must not forget Red Eggs.

Lou Sang is a Must, sorry i dont have a pic of it for the night. So i use back the reunion's one.

Last but not least, Must have the pig. The duck is upon ur choice.

And chicken, upon ur choise too. 

Oh, not forget to mention the Pao Jeung, IDK what it calls. and definately Fireworks everywhere. 

Here are few pics of the fireworks. 

after that, start burning the gold paper, *Money* and time to eat XD

Told ya, we love the turtle head. It belongs to us every year! 

that's all my 2010 CNY, dint picture much for the whole 7days. last time we used to. but this time is because my short fringe. But the whole week slept quite late, and woke late too. hehes.

Aite, that's all for now. (: 

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