My New Instant Camera!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hello readers, Sorry i left my blog dead. Kinda busy with assignments and suffering from illness.

Having a bad headache and fever yesterday night. Pretty killin' me.

It's March already, (; how fast time flies. And another 7 days more im going to 19 of my life. Awww, i miss 18 (: 

Nothing much for the past days, and yesterday went to Ken's, my BFF open house. Sam pick me up around 7 something.

Well, they both are my BFF. For almost 4 years we've been BFF, they got me a really big surprise present for my 8days more birthday present.

I was planning to unwrap the present on my day, i suppose. But Ken just cant wait to see my "OMG, Aaaa" that expression, so i unwrapped it instead. (:

And .. Taaaddaaa..

A Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s instant camera. And it's Pink (: 

Cute right? i was wanted for an instant camera for so long! because i love the film. Although it's abit hard to picture myself. 

Teehee, my very first film with Sam (; I know i looks damn chubby, im on the way diet la.

I was planing to post up my birthday wishlist by this weekend, and this present was about to become my new wishlist and awwww, how sweet are they. They know i love taking pictures. ;D *hugs*

Alright, so i wil be having my presentation at 315 today. So pls pray for my voice. I don wanna lose away my presentation marks. 

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